Lipton Ceylonta 100 Tea Bags (200g)


Growing up in a tenement building in Glasgow, there was nothing to suggest that Sir Thomas Lipton would go on to revolutionize the future of tea. Yet before long, his publicity stunts and wacky marketing campaigns cemented his place in the history of tea.

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Lipton select only fresh, high quality leaves. They use Lipton expertise to release the fullest flavor. The result is a cup of tea with a rich taste The number one Tea brand in the world, Lipton Ceylonta label is re-launching with a new blend designed to appeal to tea drinkers across the globe. The new blend features a ground braking innovation in tea production. In a patented process unique to Lipton, fresh, high quality tea leaves are pressed during the production. This releases a natural tea “essence” full of fresh tea flavor. The essence is then added Ceylonta Label blend. The blend delivers a satisfying flavor and a light, fresh taste with reduced bitterness and astringency.

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Tea Format
Tea Bags
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24 Hours
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Blended Tea

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